Mid-Mo Supports Ukraine

MU International Programs – Ukranian Emergency Fund – The MU International Programs seeks to provide support to Mizzou Ukrainian students, scholars and their families impacted by the war in Ukraine. Mizzou has hosted over 70 Ukrainian students and scholars during the past several decades, which included several Fulbright Fellows. The funds will be used to help currently enrolled students with their financial situations which have been seriously disrupted by the war, including educational, living and medical expenses. Funds may also be used to assist student’s and scholar’s family members in Ukraine for basic needs, including food, clean water, shelter and support to be relocated to safety, and/or evacuation out of Ukraine. Additionally, funds may be granted to Ukrainian students and scholars displaced by the war and seeking to study, teach or engage in research at Mizzou. There’s no better time to show your support for Mizzou’s international community. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri – As the local resettlement agency, we aim to be “ever prepared” to welcome refugees arriving in mid-Missouri. As the war in Ukraine continues and the Biden administration carves a path to welcome refugees from the region, our agency has kept careful watch on the situation and open lines of communication with our national resettlement affiliate, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Resettlement work is a national conversation between federal governments, and in many ways the ability to welcome refugees lies outside of service agency influence. Our goal is to remain well-stocked with resources to serve incoming refugees as called upon. With community support (and celebration!) we are able to welcome people who have fled turmoil well, providing housing, educational opportunities, and other resources to assist them in rebuilding their lives in mid-Missouri. CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION

City of Refuge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help refugees and immigrants recover and regain control of their lives. We provide Basic Need Programs, Counseling Services, and Professional Development Opportunities for those in our community. Our goal is to equip those arriving in our community with the materials they need, as well as deeper friendships they can count on as they navigate a new life in the United States. CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION

Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (MODR) – Meals for Ukraine – MODR is a faith based organization working to provide food for Ukrainians who are impacted by war with Russia in their homeland. They are working through a trusted Christian partner to get food to Ukrainians and to the local churches who are caring for internally displaced refugees.  Gaylon Moss, MODR director, said “One way we are helping is through providing ready-to-eat meals, as many have no easy way to prepare food themselves.” He added, “Tons of flour, yeast and salt are being purchased inside Ukraine and sent to local bakeries where it is being made into loaves of bread.” Individuals will be able to receive a loaf of bread, and a jar of sausage spread, which is a local favorite in that nation.  Officials said this will feed a person for one day. The cost is $2.00 per meal.  Missouri Baptists are committing to provide 25,000 meals.  CLICK HERE TO PROVIDE MEALS FOR UKRAINE MODR also has boots on the ground in the region. Missourians Don and Diane Combs are currently serving as disaster relief volunteers in an aid station in Romania near the border of Ukraine.  They are serving with Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (MODR) in cooperation with SBC Send Relief.  The Combs are from Columbia and Don is a retired pastor and a member of the Missouri Baptist Convention executive board. They attend Anthem Church in Columbia. Combs said some of the refugees accept the aid being offered and others keep on moving.  The aid workers are offering food, water, diapers, toys, phone charging stations and literature for the refugees. There are some tents set up where people can stop and rest for a while before moving on into the nation of Romania. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

Future Leadership Foundation (FLF) is a faith based organization that develops Christian leaders globally. FLF is requesting donations to be used for humanitarian aid related to anticipated needs of refugees, including food supplies, bedding, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and other items, such as fuel for emergency generators. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

Mid-Mo Supports Ukraine

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