The Closers with George Young



Sports are way of life for many in Mid-Missouri and the play-by-play broadcast of those sporting events have been an important component of News Talk 1240 KLIK for some time. So, it was only appropriate that the station give the fans a place to let their emotions gush, and a show that will give them the day-to-day news from their favorite teams. But face it; a lot of sports talk shows are way too technical with a preoccupation of stats, facts, and trades. Not this one!

As The Superfan, Ed Bieler used to say, “in the department store of human affairs, sports is, after all, the toy department.” Having fun is what this show all about, but make no mistake, nobody covers the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the University of Missouri sports programs better than The Closers. But honestly, no radio show in mid-Missouri (sports or otherwise) is more entertaining. No question about it, watching sports stimulates some strong emotions, now, talking about them can do the same thing.



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